Stand: 20.12.2013, 10:45 Ways    If several agents look for their way and take reference t to one another, interesting structures and exciting dynamics will arise, stimulating to gamble.    Simple and also more complex algorithms are used to find paths. Localizations can be looked at as "line" with AQUAL.   Nature-art-nature    Nature-art-nature shows hybrid-works of Creativo from picture-treatment, mosaicism and color- transformations. The nature itself is sometimes the biggest artist - here has grown a stele of basalt into a log. This input becomes different, artificial, interesting through treatment, maybe not more beautiful. The treatment can induce  the observer to to go into further detail concerning the processed object.    The mosaicism here mentioned is a strongly developed key-technology of Creativo. This "line" (AQUAL) can be applied in different "conditions" (AQUAL).  The components of the mosacism of Creativo are Holons in the sense of AQUAL under different aspects.  Tweening    Tweening is computer-art on a low level (application of a picture-handling program). This example shows the gradual transition of a computer-art-collage to its mirror.    Here, I consider computer-art a "line" with AQUAL. Tweening is assigned to a low " level " with AQUAL here.  Whether and like computer-art at all can be viewed as "art" is a question of the " quadrants " with AQUAL.  It could be another possibility to regard computer-art as "integral" altogether. The possibilities of the computer to simulate different artistic trends and to represent a descriptive map with it is almost unlimited.