Stand: 20.12.2013, 10:45 Variations    The variations are usually to be found  in changes of color, size, form etc.The presentations themselves are mostly processed photos or computer-generated graphics.    AQUAL expresses itself here under several aspects, as level (for example through stratification), as line, for example in the reached claim-level of the respective parameter, as type, for example through the design of color and form, through the settlement (main focus) in different squares (subjectively individually, subjectively collective, objectively individually, objectively collective) etc Waves    Waves are an especially interesting variety of the oscillation. In this case, the proximity to the swarm-intelligence becomes also clear.    On AQUAL, I see a line of the design here above all, that expresses itself on different levels. Also the color-formation oscillates with most of the examples shown here refering  to different types(?).  Florals    A particular topic from the spectrum of the motives.    Following AQUAL, I would see the topic as in the subjective-individual quadrant, above left. I have called the selected pictures "floral", but they are no pictures of flowers at all. In their level of abstraction they are settled more on a higher level in the line " relation to reality" – than any  other artistic formation.