Stand: 20.12.2013, 10:45 Repetition    The ability or repetition is a key-quality of the computer and is also an intensively used formation-possibility of Creativo.     Creativo can simulate recursion by repetition and appears with it also in the context of "levels" (AQUAL). Following the concept of the levels, these are not separated of each other. Higher levels include the lower one’s which are assimilated within them.  Motives    Motives are a wide field of the art-contemplation.  I find the "sympathetic picture" very interesting, but Creativo is not yet so far. athie_aid_23408.html With the topic "motives" I think of the dimension "types" in AQUAL. A possibility to typify would be to distinguish the art-objects as female or male. leben/grundlagen-des-integralen/kurz- gefasst/maennlichweiblich/ wiederkehr/androgynitat-in-der-gegenwartskunst Transformations    Transformations (e.g. of colors) belong to the most important formation-factors of Creativo, especially impressive in the dynamic form. So, for example "living statues" can be generated, especially impressive, if the colors change over several levels independently of each other. Particularly,  the color-formation offers diverse possibilities of  interaction with the observer and is an ideal field in order to express abstract feelings.    By transformations for example from forms and colors, oscillating for example within pre-determined borders, types " (AQUAL) can be generated. Research work has shown that certain combinations of colors will be associated by most people with certain concepts and feelings.