Stand: 20.12.2013, 10:45 Circled    The circle as geometrical basic form has a big meaning with Creativo. It occurs as line, as surface, as construction-component, as movement etc. By the treatment of the circle as a Holon there emerge many interesting possibilities of formation. For example circle- movements of objects on circle-movements... which reproduce itself during its movement.   " Holons " are the most important entities in AQUAL although they don't belong to the dimensions.  Hybrids    The works of Creativo are always hybrid if one looks at them in the sense of AQUAL. The collection of Screen shots which is shown here is marked as hybrid, because the single works are seriously characterized by -different inputs. For example photos and calculated forms or treatment on different levels, (generation through generative software, postprocessing with manipulative software) are further developed. With the topic " Hybrides " I think of the dimension " lines " in AQUAL. The different types of the painting and drawing-technologies in the fine arts could be considered as lines.  Oscillator    Concerning the pictures of this series, the oscillating is the most important formation-factor, for colors, forms, movements etc. Creativo applies oscillation if it is about gradual transitions in the framework of rhythms. Oscillators can be settled according to their technical maturity on several " levels " (AQUAL ")  and have according to their technical refinement " conditions " (AQUAL) . I see oscillators as " line " (AQUAL)