Stand: 20.12.2013, 10:45 Introduction I consider myself a Computer Artist. I have been working with Software to produce computer art for many years. For several times I tried to describe what I was doing, but my results were too theoretical, abstract, not motivating.    Now I'll start again with a new concept. This new concept has 3 main ideas. First I would like to use an integral approach, second I intend to explain the goal of my art, an third I want to show the "making of" using concrete examples.    Some months ago I got to know the Integral Philosophy of Ken Wilber. One essential claim of this philosophy ist to be a description method for everything, for example psychology, the evolution, spirituality, and even the kosmos. Ken Wilber wrote many books in the last decades, and there is a big treasure of sources handling different subjects following his theory. But up to now I found only a few articles about "art". I decided to learn more about Integral Philosophy by trying to use ist for my work about my computer art, and perhaps computer art and digital art from a more general point of view.    For many years I did my computer art work as a mixture of play and research. Gradually my enthusiasm grew for a special aspect of my approach. I recognized the similarity of many ideas in my programs with concepts in the nature and simple everyday approaches  in the real life. I found correspondences of my ideas and their results to the swarm intelligence, which play an important role in nature. And I like to give a structure to my programs, which corresponds with procedures in the real daily life.    If you check the literature and  the internet for computer art, you'll find many products constructed using graphic software like Photoshop, and you will find many edited graphic representations of mathematical expressions. You can call this "computer art" in the same sense as you speak about "oil painting" or "woodblock printing".The artwork is not output of the computers's creativity, but the result of the creativity of the human artist using a special technique or science.    Following the integral model of levels, you may say that artwork using a computer as tool is a  low level of computer art. I propose to speak of higher levels of computer art, the more the computer itself contributes to the artistic character of the artwork. Computers can produce random values. They may produce higher level artwork, if the computer-generated random values  in certain domains lead to an aleatoric art.  This is the level of most of my computer art. I believe that there already exist higher levels of computer art,  for example artificial-intelligence driven art or collective art development with the internet, but I don't know much about these themes. The main statement of this paragraph is that there are levels of  computer art, ordered by the interest of the computer.  Creativo Exploring Integral Computer Art, I constructed Creativo. Creativo is an Art Computer, that means a virtual machine producing digital art. This is the beginning of AQUAL-IDEA (All Qualities, All Levels - Integrated Digital Environment Art), following the Integrated Model concept of Ken Wilber applied to computer art. AQUAL AQAL, Abbrivation of all quadrants, all levels, means that an integral model must include components of the quadrants, levels, lines, conditions and types.